DM Awards

Nominations for the award are open.



1.1 India achieved her freedom from foreign yoke after a historic freedom struggle where countless individuals, named and unnamed, made the supreme sacrifice. The dream of independent India was realized and the foundation of the modern nation was laid on the sacrifices by the multitude, the vision of the leaders of our freedom struggle and the founding fathers of the constitution.

1.2 Over the past seven decades, the democratic polity of India has grown from strength to strength and today, as the largest democracy in the world, stands testimony to the soundness of its age old democratic values, pluralistic traditions and unflinching commitment to its unity and sovereignty as a nation, all of which are sustained and nurtured by its citizens.

1.3 Many citizens worked tirelessly and selflessly to promote the cause of national unity and integrity and to strengthen the fabric of the country as one nation. The exemplary and outstanding contribution of such individuals, who work for promoting the unity and integrity of the country, need to be recognized so that they can serve as an inspiration to others, while reinforcing the idea of India as a strong and united nation.

2. The Award

The Award seeks to recognize notable and inspiring contributions to promote the cause of national unity and integrity and to reinforce the value of a strong and united India.The award will be announced on the occasion of the National Unity Day, i.e. the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel on 31st October.

The Award shall consist of a medal and a citation. No monetary grant or cash award shall be attached to this Award. Not more than three Awards shall be given in a year. It shall not be conferred posthumously except in very rare and highly deserving cases.

3. Eligibility

Any citizen of India without distinction of religion, race, caste, gender, place of birth, age or occupation and any institution/organization shall be eligible for the Award.

Only individuals/institutions/organizations would be eligible to apply for this Award.

4. Criteria for Award

The candidate for the Award should have made outstanding efforts and notable contribution to promote and further the cause of national unity and integrity in a manner that may serve as an inspiration to others, and reinforce the value of a strong and united India.


5.1 Nominations will be invited publically every year.
5.2 The application shall be filed online on the website of Ministry of Home Affairs.
5.3 The applications towards nomination for the Award shall be filed between 1st June to 31st July each year.
5.4 Any Indian national or institution or organization based in India can nominate an individual for consideration for this Award. Individuals can also nominate themselves. The recommendations for the award may also be invited from the State Governments/UT Administrations and Ministries/Departments of the Government of India who shall send their recommendations online.

DM Awards DM Awards